John Hayes (c1767 – c1819)

Two men named John Hayes

Despite the relatively large number of Hayes families in Granville County, there seem to have been only two men named John Hayes.  One of them was in Granville County by May 1764 when he bought land on Nut Bush Creek from Richard Searcy.1  A few months later on 6 October 1764 John Hayes bought 197 acres on Crooked Run from Richard Searcy and on the same day he and Susannah his wife sold 226 acres on Crooked Run to Leonard Linsey.2  This John Hayes died in 1784, predeceasing “our” John Hayes by several decades, when his widow Susannah filed an inventory of the esstate. 3

John Hayes, son of Joshua Hayes

Our John Hayes was as much as a generation younger, apparently still living in his father’s household when the 1786 state census of Granville County, was taken.   (The 1790 census is missing.)  That household had one male 21-60 and one male under 21 or over 60.  One was the father, the other probably the son. A few complete tax lists still exist for Granville County, but no John Hayes appears on those lists in 1769, 1771, 1780, or 1782.

There is a marriage bond in Granville County for the marriage of John Hayes and Elizabeth Rogers dated 5 April 1791, with William Moore Johnston as bondsman and Henry Potter the witness.  Granville court minutes for November 1817 identify Elizabeth as the daughter of James Rogers.4

On 10 June 1792 John Hayes witnessed the will of his elder brother Joseph Hayes, along with  William Moore Johnston.5

John Hayes is in the 1800 census of Granville living in the Tabbs Creek area with a household of 2 males and 2 females under ten; he and his wife are both 26-45. 6   By the 1810 census his household had one male 10-16, one male 16-26, one male over 45, two females under 10, two females 10-16, one female 16-26, one female 26-45 and one female over 45.7  The 1810 census appears to have also served as a tax list, since acreage is also recorded; John Hayes is shown with 200 acres, perhaps the same parcel he inherited from his father.   (The 1810 census is arranged alphabetically by district, so the sequence of names is meaningless.  However, of the approximately 1200 households, only 57 are in this district. Among the 57 names are John Hays, Samuel Hays, Simeon Hays, Francis Hester, Joshua Hutchinson, Reuben Inscore, and Patience Johnson.)

Although we know he was alive in 1817, John Hayes apparently died before the 1820 census was taken.  Solomon Hayes, presumably the eldest child, appears in the 1820 census with a household that evidently includes his younger brother (aged 16-26), a sister (16-26), and his mother (over 45).   Examination of the 1800 and 1810 census reveals that Solomon Hayes must have been in John Hayes household in 1800 and 1810, since all other Hayes children of that age group can be identified. Further, John Hayes was located in 1810 adjacent to Francis Hester, father of Solomon Hayes’ wife.

The 1800 and 1810 censuses suggest that John Hayes had a total of two sons and five daughters. Presumably three of the daughters married between 1810 and 1820, though it seems impossible to identify them from the marriage bonds.

I can identify only two of the children:

  1. Solomon Hayes (4 September 1792 – 26 October 1859) There is no direct evidence that the elder son was Solomon Hayes. However, the 1800 and 1810 censuses for Granville County have a limited number of males of the right age, and we can eliminate all the other heads of household as possible fathers for Solomon. In addition, Solomon Hayes’ own 1820 census household appears to include his mother and a younger brother and sister who match the earlier household of John Hayes.  John Hayes is the only Hayes who died in the 1810-20 period. [See separate page.]
  2. Mary Hayes (c1807 – ?) Tradition among the Titus County, Texas families in the 1950s was that Mary Price, wife of John W. Price, was the younger sister of Solomon Hayes. That appears to be supported by what records I can find.  The death certificate of one of their children, Solomon Hayes Price (1839-1921), gives his parents as John Wesley Price and (no first name) Hays.   John W. Price is in the 1850 census of Titus County near Solomon Hayes, age 43, with a wife Mary, age 42 (born in NC), with nine children, one of them “Hayes” Price, age 10, who was Solomon Hayes Price.  All the children were born in Tennessee except the last two, ages 3 and 1. According to a biography of Solomon Hayes Price, he was born in Bradley County, Tennessee.8  One of the latter children was Charles, age 3.  In 1880 the household of Charles Price includes Breck Witt, identified as a “cousin”, who was a child of Solomon Hayes’ daughter Elizabeth.  (Note, though, that he would have been a cousin whether Mary Hayes was Solomon’s sister or daughter.)  John W. Price had in the 1836 tax list of McMinn County, Tennessee in the same district as Solomon Hayes, probably having married Mary after 1830.
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