Hayes Records in Granville County, NC 1754-1799

All persons are identified as “of Granville County” unless otherwise noted

1753 Tax List:
Alex. Hay

This is probably the same Alexander Hay who appears in a few Sussex County, Virginia records.

8 Oct 1754
General Muster of Granville County Militia — Captain John Glover’s Company: Bartlett Searcy, Corpl… John Searcy Junr… Leonard Linsey…  [The State Records of North Carolina, Volume 22, page 370.  Original record among Granville Loose records spells names slightly differently.]

There were eight companies listing a total of 734 men, but no one named Hay or Hays. I include this to note that several of the in-laws of the John Hays below were already in Granville by 1754.

1755 Tax List:
Alexander Hay, Edmun & Henry Adcock – 3 polls

12 Aug 1760
Administration Bond:  Bond of Robert Coller [Collier] to administer estate of Alexander Hays.  Security: James Paine.  [Loose Estate Records of Granville County, folder marked “Alexander Hay(e)s 1760”.]

13 Dec 1760
Estate Sale:  Account of sale of Alexr. Hays dec’d… [Loose Estate Records of Granville County, folder marked “Alexander Hay(e)s 1760”.]

I have no idea who this was.  The estate was a small one: one bed, one horse and a mare, a few cows.  He may have been on the 1753 tax list, which has a name that looks a bit like “Alex. Hay” There are no deeds to him in Granville.

28 Nov 1761
Bond:  Reuben Bass and Willis Boddie of Northampton County securities for John Hayes, planter, of Northampton County, executor of Samuel Hayes dec’d.  [Granville County Loose Estate Records, misfiled among the papers of a different Samuel Hayes.]

This Samuel Hayes died in Northampton County, leaving a will naming his father John Hayes as executor — see the file of Northampton County records.  Although all the people mentioned in this bond were residents of Northampton County, it appears among the loose records of Granville County – apparently because Willis Boddie filed suit in Granville in May 1762 against Reuben Bass, who had moved to Granville in the meantime. 

1762 Tax List
Babtist (sic) District:  Thos. Hay – 1 poll

There were no Hays families in Granville as of 1762.  The Babtist militia district was in the part of Granville that would become Bute County when that county was established in 1764.  Fifteen years later when Bute was abolished it was part of Warren County.

ca May 1764
Deed (month and day are blank):  Richard Searcy to John Hayes, for £15, 226 acres on branches of Nut Bush Creek.  Recorded May Ct. 1764, acknowledged by Richard Searcy. no witnesses. [Granville County Deed Book G, page 215.]

Who was this John Hayes and where did he come from?  The will of John Searcy in 1783 tells us that John Hayes was married to his daughter and that Richard Searcy was John Hayes’ brother-in-law.

6 Oct 1764
Deed:  John Hays and Susanna his wife to Leonard Linsey, for £100, 226 acres on Crooked Run… said Linsey’s corner… Linseys line…  Signed: John (x) Hays, Susanna (x) Hays.  Witness: Reuben Searcy.  Recorded August Ct. 1765 on acknowledgement in court of John Hays and Susanna Hays.  [Granville County Deed Book H, page 16.]

John Hays signed with a Latinate “J” — like a capital “I” with a horizontal line through it.  The signature mark was the same one used by a John Hays of Bertie County who bought land in Bertie in 1728 and sold it in 1734.  During that period he witnessed two deeds; all three signatures used the same mark.

Leonard Linsey was married to Susanna Hays’ sister.  Notice the huge increase in consideration from £15 to £100.

6 Oct 1764 
Deed: Richard Searcy to John Hayes, for £50, 197 acres on Crooked Run.  Witness: Reuben Searcy.  Recorded August Ct. 1765.  [Granville County Deed Book H, page 117.]

There are several watercourses in the area called Crooked Run or Crooked Creek, though this was probably the Crooked Run that ran into Nut Bush Creek in what is now north-central Vance County north of Henderson.

The genealogy of this John Hayes is unknown.  He does not appear in any of the tax lists of the 1770s or 1780s.  He was dead by late 1784 leaving a widow named Susanna – see the records at 1784/5 below — who was a daughter of John Searcy Sr.  John Searcy and his sons had been in Granville since the 1750s, though it is unknown when John Hayes might have married the daughter.  That she was “alias Good”, apparently having first married a Good, suggests that John Hayes may have met her in Granville County. (If she had been married to a Good and then abandoned or separated, she could not legally remarry and might be referred to as “Hays alias Good”.)

15 Jun 1763
Will of Sherwood Harris:  The will makes bequests to sons Sherwood Harris and John Harris, daughters Mary Hicks, Sarah Harris, and Jemima White, son-in-law Absalom Hicks, and Granddaughter Mercy White.  It continues: “My will is that Joshua Hays have two hundred acres of land at the lower end of that tract of land as I bought of Jonathan White on conditions he pay to my executors hereafter named sixty pounds current money of Virginia on demand and failure of payment of said sum that in that case my will is that the same land be sold by my executors…” [Loose Wills of Granville County 1749-1771]

Sherwood Harris had bought 660 acres from Jonathan White just a month earlier on 13 May 1763 for £50 and was evidently in the midst of negotiating with Joshua Harris to sell 200 acres of that tract for a hefty profit when he wrote his will a month later. 

This will is often cited as the basis for the theory that Joshua Hayes’ wife was a daughter of Sherwood Harris.  But it seems obvious that the will was merely instructing his executors to complete a land sale that was in process at the time.  Indeed, the sale was never consummated and the land was sold to someone else.    There is no indication that Sherwood Harris ever lived anywhere near Northampton County where Joshua Hayes was when he married.

20 Apr 1765
Deed: Samuel Weaver to Joshua Hayes, both of Granville, for £30, 500 acres both sides of Tabbs Creek… Dickerson’s line…Parham’s line…the great branch… Witness: Claborn Harris, Judith Harris. Recorded November Ct. 1766.  [Granville County Deed Book H, page 224.]

1767 Tax List:
Joshua Hays & son Joseph Hays” – 2 polls
[Granville County Miscellaneous Records, FHL Film”008152187]

This is the earliest known tax list on which the Hays appear.  It may not be complete.  Until 1784, North Carolina taxed white men 16 and over.  So it appears that Joshua Hayes has no sons as old as 16 other than Joseph.

1769 Tax List (names listed semi-alphabetically):
Joshua Haze – 1 white poll
Joseph Hayes – 1 white poll

1771 Tax List:
Joshua Hays – 1 white poll
Joseph Hays – 1 white poll

They are the only Hays taxed in Granville. It is odd that John Hays, who owned land in Granville, was not taxed.

6 Nov 1774
Deed:  Joshua Hays to Noel Johnston, for £15, 150 acres… a parcel of land being in one corner of the said Joshua Hays’s land on the east side of Tabbs Creek… John Parham’s line… Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: John Mauldin, Blake Mauldin.  Recorded November Ct. 1778.  [Granville County Deed Book M, page 84.]

6 Jan 1777
Deed: Joseph Johnston to Sarah Hayes, for £20, 100 acres… (not described clearly in deed).  [Granville County Deed Book L, page 51.]

One of her sons identified a Peter Hayes, son of Solomon Hays, of Northampton County as a cousin.  By elimination, she may have been the widow of Sawyer Hayes, though it isn’t clear how she ended up in Granville County.  She must have been a feme sole (unmarried) in order to buy land.   There have been no men named Hays in tax lists or in probate records by whom she might have been widowed, and there do not seem to be any potential fathers around if she was a never-married woman.   

25 May 1778
Roster of Enlistments:  Henry Hayes, about 18 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, of a med. complexion, a Planter.  [“A description list of six men raised under the present Act of Assembly in Capt. Saml Fowler’s Compy No. 2.” found among Granville County loose papers in NC Archives.]

A secondary source misread one word as “red” complexion but the original handwriting is clearly “med.” complexion.

May 1778
Oaths of Allegiance:  Hundreds of men took the oath in Granville this month — but none were named Hays.

1780 Tax List:
Epping Forest District: Sarah Hayes – £556:10s property value
Fishing Creek District: Joshua Hayes – £329:2s property value

I did not find Joseph Hayes on the list.  This was the list submitted to the Secretary of State; there were a few years prior to 1784 when Granville reported only the total value of taxable property rather than the underlying polls or acreage.  Until 1784 there was no established format for tax reports.

20 Jan 1781
Revolutionary Pay Vouchers:  “…as Commissioner of the County aforesaid [Granville] I have purchased from Joseph Hayes thirteen bushels of oats [for] 6 ½ Spanish milled dollars…” Signed: Phillip Ness, County Commissioner. [North Carolina Archives, Loose Records]

5 Sep 1781
Marriage Bond: Thomas Hays & Judith Valentine.  Bondsman: Benjamin Fuller.

— Feb 1781
Deed:  Henry Fuller to Sarah Hayes, for £10, 46 acres… Joseph Johnson’s corner… Henry Fuller’s corner… Charles Eaton’s corner… Signed: Henry Fuller.  Witness: Saml Fuller, Littleton Fuller.  Recorded February Ct. 1781  [Granville County Deed Book O, page 117.]

This was apparently located somewhere along Long Creek, which rises south of Henderson and runs southward to enpty into Tabbs Creek in southern Vance County.  Henry Fuller had a 700-acre grant on Long Creek issued 1 April 1763.

1 Jun 1781
Deed: Abraham Smith to Thomas Hays of [blank] County, for £30, 100 acres in Franklin County.  Signed: Abraham Smith.  Witness: David Hunter, Saml Fuller, (not sure) Williamson.  Recorded August Ct. 1781. [Granville County Deed Book O, page 141.]

8 Jan 1782
Deed: John White of Chatham County to Joseph Hays of Granville County, for £300, 640 acres on waters of Fishing Creek… Tudors line… Allison’s line… Hamilton’s corner… Signed: John White.  Witness: John Allison, James Allison.  Recorded May Ct. 1782.  [Granville County Deed Book O, page 179.]

1782 Tax List:
Epping Forest district:
Benjamin Hayes – 2 horses, 3 cattle
Henry Hayes – 1 horse
Sarah Hayes – 140 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow
Fishing Creek district:
Joseph Hayes – 640 acres, 2 horses, 8 cattle
Henry Hayes – 2 horses, 3 cattle
Joshua Hayes Sr. – 350 acres, 3 horses, 5 cattle
Joshua Hayes Jr. – 1 horse, 2 cattle

17 Mar 1783
Will of John Searcy.  “…to the representatives of my son William Searcy dec’d five shillings & to my son John & Bartlet & my daughter Mary Reardon & my daughter Susanna Hayes alias Good five shillings proclamation money each.” …rest of my estate both real & personal to be equally divided amongst my four following children, vizt. Elizabeth, Reuben, Sarah Linsey, & Richd. Searcy…”  Names Reuben Searcy and Richard Searcy executors.  Signed: John (x) Searcy.  Witness: Asa Searcy, Dennis Reardon, Thomas Searcy.  Proved February Ct. 1787.  [Granville County Will Book 2, page 1.]

18 Mar 1783
Marriage Bond:  Joshua Hays Jr. & Martha Loyd. Bondsman: Henry Hays

1 Oct 1783
Marriage Bond: Henry Hays & Mary Payton.  Bondsman: Rowland Bryant.

25 Mar 1784
Deed: Joshua Hays Senr. to Zachariah Higgs, for £12, 60 acres on Tabbs Creek… my old line…  Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: John Bristow.  Recorded at May Ct. 1784. [Granville County Deed Book O, page 298.]

15 Jun 1784
Marriage Bond: James Ferrel & Tabitha Hayes.  Bondsman: Wm. Burford Junr.

In 1843 Tabitha Ferrell, age 78, applied for a widow’s pension on her husband’s Revolutionary Service. She stated that James Ferrell died in 1812 in Sumner County, Tennessee and that she now lived in Franklin County, Illinois.  The pension file indicates that Bennett Searcy witnessed the marriage bond.

1784 Tax List
Fishing Creek district:
Henry Hayes Senr. – 97 acres, 1 poll
Henry Hayes Junr. – 1 poll
Joshua Hayes Junr. – 1 poll
Joshua Hayes Senr. – 97 acres, 1 poll
Joseph Hayes – 640 acres, 1 poll
Sarah Hayes – 145 acres, no polls
Epping Forest District:
Benjamin Hayes – 1 poll

The specific districts had to be ferreted out, as the pages are unnumbered and may not be in order in the original file.  Starting in 1784 white males aged 16-21 were no longer taxed — only while males 21 and over, and slaves 12-50 were taxed.  Public officers (sheriffs, constables) were exempt but were listed.  There was no exemption for old age until 1801.

1 Nov 1784
Administration Bond: Susanna Good granted administration of estate of John Hayes, deceased, and files bond for £200 with Reuben Searcy her security.  Signed: Susanna (x) Good, Reuben Searcy. [Granville County Loose Estate Records, folder marked “John Hayes 1785”]

— Nov 1784
Inventory: Estate of John Hayes, deceased, by Susanna Hayes.  Two horses, 9 cows, 2 hogs, 2 beds & furniture, 6 plates, 2 dishes, 4 basons (sic), 6 knifes & forks & spoon, 1 plow hoe, 3 killing hoe, 1 axe, — hatchet, 1 hammer1 frying pan, 1 pot & hook, 1 chest, 3 chairs, 1 table, 2 bells, 1 chime.  Recorded November Ct. 1784.  [Granville County Loose Estate Records, “John Hayes 1785” folder]

This seems like the estate of a man with a small family. Note that he has not appeared on any tax list despite owning land in Granville.

19 Jan 1785
Estate Account, estate of John Hayes. Susannah Good (the widow) purchased miscellaneous livestock, furniture, and implements totaling  £17:16s and Leonard Hayse (sic) purchased two sows and eleven pigs plus one poll (?) for £3:8s:6d.  [Granville County Loose Estate Records, “John Hayes 1785” folder]

5 Oct 1785
Marriage Bond:  Joshua Hutchinson and Susannah Hays.  Bondsman: (faded) Higgs.

I read the original bond.  This is not the widow of John Hays, but rather the other Susanna Hays who was the daughter of Joshua Hays.

1785 Tax List:  (List is roughly alphabetical, no districts noted)
John Hayes – 1 poll
Sarah Hayes – 145 acres, 0 polls
Joshua Hayes Sr. – 97 acres, 1 poll
Henry Hayes – 97 acres, 1 poll
Henry Hayes Jr. – 1 poll
Joseph Hayes – 500 acres, 1 poll
[Misc. Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039. Also images are online at NC Archives.]

14 Jan 1786
Marriage Bond: Leonard Hays and Sarah Bradford.  Bondsman: John Searcy.

He is likely a son of John Hays, who was married to John Searcy’s sister Susanna. Oddly, though, he is not taxed in 1785 or 1786.

1786 State Census
[Columns: WM aged 21-60; WM under 21 or over 60; WF; Blacks aged 12-50; Blacks under 12 or above 50]
Fishing Creek District:
Henry Hays Junr. 1 0 2 0 0
Joshua Hays Senr. 1 1 4 0 0
Joshua Hays Junr. 1 1 3 0 0
Henry Hays Senr. 1 2 3 0 0
Joseph Hays 1 4 6 0 0
Epping Forest District:
Benjamin Hays 2 0 4 0 0
Sarah Hays 0 2 4 0 0

It appears that Sarah Hayes has at least three daughters and four sons.  Benjamin Hays (who later records suggest was her son) may have Samuel Hays in his household, while Sarah Hayes still has two underage sons still at home. Where is the newly-married Leonard Hays?

1 Dec 1786
Deed:  Stephen White of Sullivan County to Joshua Hays, for £500, 100 acres Justice Parrish’s line… Hays line… Signed: Stephen (x) White.  Witness: Asa Searcy, Francis Searcy.  recorded February Ct. 1787.  [Granville County Deed Book O, page 493.]

1787 Tax List (Roughly alphabetical, districts not noted)
Henry Hays Jr. – 1 poll
Joshua Hays Sr. – 196 acres, 2 polls
Joshua Hays Jr. – 94 acres, 1 poll
Joseph Hays – 640 acres, 1 poll
Leonard Hays – 1 poll
Sarah Hays – 140 acres, no polls
Benjamin Hays – 1 poll
Henry Hays – 197 acres, 1 poll
Theophilus Hays – 1 poll
[Misc. Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039]

Theophilus Hays was apparently the same person who was enumerated in Halifax County (1 male over 16, two males under 16, three females) in the state census list dated 21 January 1786, and who sold land there later in 1786.  He enlisted on 3 March 1776 for 2½ years in the 10th North Carolina and appears on a muster roll of Major Hardy Murfree’s company of the 2nd North Carolina Battalion 9 September 1778 at Valley Forge as well as later muster rolls.  He was issued a military warrant for land in Tennessee, and in 1788 entered a claim in Sumner County which resulted in a 1791 grant of 411 acres.  He may have been related to the Hays families of Hertford County.

14 Apr 1788
Deed:  Joseph Hays to Thomas Johnson, for £42, 140 acres on waters of Fishing Creek… beginning at James Jett’s corner… Hick’s line… near B(—–) Road.  Signed: Joseph Hays.  Witness: Noel Johnston, John Hays. Recorded August Ct. 1792  [Granville County Deed Book N, page 129.]

1788 Tax List
Epping Forest district: Sarah Hays – 740 (sic) acres, no polls
Tabb’s Creek district: Joshua Hays – 192 acres, 1 poll;  Joseph Hayes – 640 acres, 1 poll
Fishing Creek district: Henry Hayes, Jr. – 1 poll
Ragland district: Joshua Hays – 144 acres, 1 poll
Beaverdam district: Leonard Hayes – 1 poll
[Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, Volume 26, pages 1265-1285]

This list published in Colonial and State Records of North Carolina represents what was reported to the Secretary of State’s office.  Notice that it does not exactly match the handwritten tax list found among the miscellaneous records of Granville County and reproduced below:

1788 Tax List (a different list, this one roughly alphabetical)
Sarah Hays – 140 acres, no polls
Joshua Hays – 144 acres, 1 poll
Leonard Hays – 1 poll
Henry Hays Junr. – 1 poll
Theophilus Hays – 1 poll
Joshua Hays – 198 acres, 1 poll
Joseph Hays – 640 acres, 1 poll
[Miscellaneous Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039]

28 Dec 1788
Marriage Bond: Willis Mangum (Mangrum?), cooper & Miram Hays.  Bondsman: Benjamin Hayes.

18 Jan 1789
Will: Thomas Craft.  Lend unto “my loving wife Elizabeth Craft” all negroes during her life, also the proceeds from the sale of all personal property.  Two negroes to son John Craft after his mother’s death.  One negro to daughter Ann Hanks after her mother’s death, and after her own death to my granddaughter Elizabeth Hanks.  To daughter Barbara Dreshall a negro.  Wife to keep negro girl Milly for granddaughter Mary Hays until she marries or turns 18; if Mary dies beforehand the negro to go to daughter Barbara Dreshall.  Signed: Thos (x) Craft.  Witness: Vinkler Jones Jr. , Armstead Jones, Francis Jones.  Proved May Cy. 1789.  [Granville County Will Book 2, page 104.]

Thomas Craft appears to have lived on or near Nutbush Creek.

1789 Tax List:  (Roughly alphabetical this year, no districts noted)
Henry Hays – 1 poll } [these two are consecutive]
Sam’l Hayes – 1 poll }
Leonard Hayes – 1 poll
Joseph Hayes – 500 acres, 1 poll   [this and next 3 nearly consecutive]
Theophilus Hayes – 1 poll
Joshua Hays – 147 acres, 1 poll
Joshua Hays – 147 acres, 1 poll [this line is repeated]
Benj’n Hays – 1 poll
Thos. Hays – 50 acres no polls
[Misc. Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039]

9 Nov 1789
Marriage Bond: Ezekiel Hays & Rhoda Lock.  Bondsman: Willis Cooper.

1790 Census
The census no longer exists for Granville County

1790 Tax List:
Samuel Hays – 1 poll
Theophilus Hays – 1 poll  }consecutive with Benjamin Hays
Benjamin Hays – 1 poll
Sarah Hayes – 140 acres, no polls
Leonard Hays – 1 poll
Joseph Hays – 500 acres, 2 polls  }these last 7 names nearly consecutive
Joshua Hays – 144 acres, 1 poll
Joshua Hays Junr. – 144 acres, 1 poll
Henry Hays – 1 poll
John Hays – 1 poll
Samuel Hays – 1 poll
[Misc. Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039]

2 Feb 1790
Marriage Bond:  Samuel Hays & Penny Spears.  Bondsman: James McDaniel.

5 Apr 1791
Marriage Bond: John Hays & Elizabeth Rogers.  Bondsman: William Moore.

1791 Tax List (Roughly alphabetical, no districts noted)
Samuel Hays – 70 acres, 1 poll
Theophilus Hays – 1 poll
Benjamin Hays – 1 poll
Sarah Hays – 140 acres, no polls
John Hays – 1 poll                          } John through Joseph clustered together
Henry Hays – 1 poll
Joshua Hays Junr. – 144 acres, 1 poll
Joshua Hays – 144 acres, no polls
Joseph Hays – 500 acres, 1 poll
Leonard Hays – 486 acres, 1 poll
[Misc. Records of Granville County, FHL Microfilm #19039]

28 Dec 1791
Marriage Bond:  Samuel Hays & Lucy Parham.   Bondsman:  Frederick Parham.

6 Mar 1792
Marriage Bond: Josiah Hays & Mary Lawrence.  Bondsman: Ezekiel Hays

25 May 1792
Will: Mary Loyd …to my son Joshua Loyd all my plantation tools, one iron pot, all my stock of hogs; to my daughter Sarah King, my feather bed & furniture;  to my daughter Mary Loyd, a  horse; to my daughter Charlotte, my riding mare & side saddle, furniture items; to may daughter Nancy Loyd, gray colt; one shilling each to my sons William Loyd and Garret Loyd and daughters Elizabeth Linsey and Marthy Haze.  Rest of estate to be wually divided among four daughters Sarah King, Mary Loyd, Charlotte Loyd, and Nancy Loyd.  Signed: Mary (x) Loyd. Witness: Benj’n Hester, (?) Kimball.  Proved May Ct. 1793.  [Granville County Will Book 3, page 33.]

10 Jun 1792
Will: Joseph Hays  “…I give and bequeath to my son Samuel Hayes 120 acres of land at the new design place.  I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Hayes 120 acres of land lying over Bankses Road joining of [his brother?] Samuel line up it & down it.  I give and bequeath to my son Stephen Hayes 120 acres of land a joining of Thomas Johnston’s land.  I give and bequeath to my son Simion (sic) Hays 140 acres of land where I now live after the decease of my wife Sarah Hayes. I desire that she should be possessed with it her lifetime. I desire that my debts should be paid out of the money I have due to me and the balance if any I give and betroth to my wife Sarah Hayes. I desire that there should be an equal division made between my wife and all my children, Samuel Hayes, Susannah Hutchinson, Jesse Hays, Stephen Hayes, Temperance Hayes, Simeon Hayes, Mary Hayes, Lucy Hayes, Levice Hayes of all my horses cows hogs sheep and of all my household furniture. I desire that Saml Hayes & Mr. Avery Parham should be the executors of my estate.  Signed: Joseph (x) Hayes.  Witness: Noel Johnston, John Hayes, William M. Johnston.  Recorded November Ct. 1792.  [Granville County Will Book 3, pages 13-14.]

The word “bequeath”, which occurs four times as shown above, is in each case crossed out and “betroth” inexplicably written above it.  The surname is spelled as both “Hays” and “Hayes” in the document.

1792 Tax List (partial)
Epping Forest District:
Sarah Hays – 140 acres, no polls
Benjamin Hays – 1 poll
Theophilus Hays – 1 poll
Samuel Hays – 72 acres, 1 poll

6 Nov 1792
Deed:  Joshua Hayes to Henry Hayes, for £50, 50 acres lying on the west side of Tabbs Creek being a part of my own tract… mouth of the spring branch… my line… John Parham’s line… to Tabbs Creek…  Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: Noel Johnston, William Moore Johnston.  Recorded at November Ct. 1792.  [Granville County Deed Book N, page 139.]

Feb 1793
Executors Qualified:  Samuel Hayes and Avery Parham qualified as executors of estate of Joseph Hayes.  [Granville County Will Book 3, page 14.]

6 Sep 1793
Marriage Bond:  John Brown & Molley Hays.  Bondsman: Benjamin Hays.

She is probably a daughter of Sarah Hays.  In 1804 Sarah Hays will sell her 146 acres to Mary Brown.  Benjamin Hays is perhaps another child of Sarah Hays.

1793 Tax List
Fishing Creek District:
Sarah Hayes – 500 acres
Samuel Hayes – 1 poll
Joshua Hayes Sr. – 96 acres, no polls
John Hayes – 1 poll
Henry Hayes – 50 acres, 1 poll
Joshua Hayes Jr. – 144 acres, 1 poll
Theophilus Hayes – 1 poll
Epping Forest District:
Samuel Hays – 72 acres, 1 poll
Benjamin Hays – 1 poll

The “raw” tax lists counted all but Theophilus Hayes a second time in the Tabb’s Creek District.  In the Tabb’s Creek list Sarah and Samuel were listd as shown, but in Fishing Creek only Samuel was listed (with the 500 acres).

Sarah Hays was omitted from The Epping Forest List, but that list appears to be missing its first page for 1792.

10 Mar 1794
Deed:  Joshua Hays Senr. to Joshua Hays Junr., for £50, 144 acres west side of Tabbs Creek… beginning at a white oak near the mill… to teh Reedy branch.. to great branch… Isham Parham’s line…Wood’s line… (same description as deed at 10 March 1774).  Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: Noel Johnston, William Moore Johnston.  Proved May Ct. 1795. [Granville County Deed Book P, page 50.]

Joshua Jr. had been paying taxes on this land for the last few years.

27 Nov 1794
Deed:  Joshua Hays Junr. to Zachariah Shemwell, for £65, 144 acres west side of Tabbs Creek… beginning at a white oak near the mill… to the Reedy branch.. to great branch… Isham Parham’s line…Wood’s line… (same description as deed at 10 March 1794).  Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: Z. Higgs, Noel Johnston.  Proved November Ct. 1795. [Granville County Deed Book P, page 205.]

2 Sep 1795
Marriage Bond:  Peter F. Farrar & Tempey Hays.  Bondsman: Jesse Hays.

28 Feb 1795
Deed:  Moses Forkner of Orange County to Thomas Hays of Franklin County, for £30, 82½ acres on Martain’s Creek… Kitrell’s line…Hardy Forkner’s line… David King’s line… Signed: Moses (x) Forkner.  Witness: Joseph Mangum, Moses Overton.  Recorded at February Ct. 1796.  [Granville County Deed Book P, page 117.]

This appears to be located in the southeastern part of what became Vance County.

4 Aug 1795
Marriage Bond: Jesse Hays & Judith Farrer (sic).  Bondsman: Peter Farrer.

31 Mar 1797
Deed:  Joshua Hays to Joseph McDaniel for £40, 94 acres of the waters of Tabbs Creek beginning at a beech in the watery branch… Barton’s old line…Higg’s line… McDaniel line…  Signed: Joshua (x) Hays.  Witness: James McDaniel, Henry Fuller.  [Granville County Deed Book Q, page 507.]

Undated will of Joshua Hayes [some punctuation added for clarity]
”…I give & bequeath to my daughter Sarah Davis one shilling.  I give & bequeath to my daughter Hanah Howel one shilling.  I give & bequeath to my daughter Olliff Moor one shilling. I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary Wood one shilling. I give & bequeath to my daughter Polley Hayes one shilling I give & bequeath to my daughter in law Sarah Hayes one shilling. I give & bequeath to my son Henry Hayes one shilling.  I give & bequeath to my son Joshua Hayes one shilling.  I give & bequeath to my daughter Selah Hayes one bed & furniture.  I give & bequeath to my loving wife Selvah Hayes my land & mill, all my stock of all kind, my household furniture also during her life & after the death of my loving wife Selvah Hayes I give & bequeath to my son John Hayes my land & mill. The rest of my property that I left to my wife [for] her life I desire that it may be equally divided between Patience Johnston, Catharine Johnston, John Hayes, Selah Hayes and Mary Inscore.  I appoint Joshua Hutchinson & John Hayes my exers. of this my last will & testament.”  Signed: Joshua (x) Hayes.  Witness: Joshua Hutchinson, Z. Higgs.  Recorded August Ct. 1797.

Inserted following the will: “The foregoing is said to be a copy of the last will & testament of Joshua Hays dec’d, the original being deposited in the hands of Joshua Hutchinson and same being lost or mislaid. The several heirs & legatees of the decedent being notified to appear and show cause if any they had why a copy should not be admitted to record, no objection appearing to the court, on the oath of Joshua Hutchinson & Zachariah Higgs Esq. of the foregoing being a true copy as far as they can recollect of the original to which they were subscribing witnesses, it is ordered that the same be recorded, which is truly done at the same time John Hays qualified as executor to the same.”  [Granville County Will Book 4, pages 132-3.]

16 Oct 1797
Deed: Stephen Hays to Francis Hester, for £36, 120 acres on waters of Fishing Creek… Thomas Johnston’s corner in James Allison’s line… George Harriet line… Simeon Hays line…James Allison’s line…  Signed Stephen Hays.  Witness: Noel Johnston, Samuel Hays.  Recorded November Ct. 1798.  [Granville County Deed Book Q, page 203.]

This is the land Stephen Hays received from his father’s will.

British Mercantile Claims:  Joshua Hayes owed £12:7s:3d 25 December 1774. “Died in the year 1797. Left considerable property which his son John is now in possession of . Was solvent at the Peace and until his death. Application has been made for payment but was refused. Informants: Thomas Hicks and William Hicks of Granville County. [“Claims of British Merchants After the Revolutionary War”, North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 19, No. 3, page 154.]

15 Mar 1799
Will of William Roberts: wife Elizabeth, “my two sons Isaac Roberts and Phillip Roberts”, daughter Mary Parrish… “to my granddaughter Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of Nancy Hayes… at my wife’s death I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Nancy one negro girl named Amey…” Signed: William Roberts.  Witness: James McDaniel, Richard Thomason, Sampson Harp.  [Granville County Will Book 4, page 305.]

Later records show that Nancy Roberts was married to Benjamin Hays.  She apparently had the daughter Elizabeth out of wedlock.

27 Dec 1799
Marriage Bond: Hickman Floyd & Selea Hayes.  Bondsman: John Hayes.